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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grateful Dead The NY Historical Society - Suzannah B. Troy

The NY Historical Society is being renovated so only one small section is actually open and it is filled with Grateful Dead treasures! This collection of powerful photos and memorabilia are on loan from The Grateful Dead Archive on loan from the University of Santa Cruz.  
The first blown up image you see is of The Filmore East on the Lower East Side and there are powerful photos of the Filmore with mobs of people lined up to see the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin. I remember reading Janis would go to Ratner's after and Ratner's moved yet again and than finally closed as so much has these days.
There is of course poster art and all kinds of collectibles and Grateful Dead music plays through out this small exhibition. I do want to warn you the price to get in is 12 dollars I think. You may want to double check me on that and the gift shop is filled to the brim with Grateful Dead items. I bought an amazing pair of GD earrings!
“I am incredibly happy that the kind archivists at UC Santa Cruz understand the social value of our priceless archive and its hallowed meaning to our most beloved 'Dead Heads.' Without the care it is now receiving these treasures would be lost. Please join me in preserving the legacy so we can all continue to explore and experience what the "Grateful Dead" means to us.”  - Bill Kreutzmann
You can contribute your thoughts http://deadcentral.blogspot.com Note:  For Suzannah B. Troy fans, my jacket with patches and pin from Rescue Workers and fellow volunteers was on display at The New York Historical Society and is now downtown in the Sept. 11 Museum collection.


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