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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rooney Mara Lisbeth Sanders"The Girl with Dragon Tattoo" by Suzannah B. Troy

Rooney Mara is to play Lisbeth Sanders in the Americanized, "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo".
Why do I care?  BECAUSE I LOVE THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!  The Swedish actors are superb and I do not think the Americanization of it will be as good....it was as if the Swedes were born to play the role and I keep dreaming they will take on the role and do a TV series -- a long extended one with all the details.  I tell you why in YouTubeland I love Lisbeth Sanders so much!!!!!

That being said, I will run not walk to see David Fincher's film version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Original title:  The Men Who Hate Women" which is a powerful true theme as are all of messages Stieg Larsson was sharing with his audience.  Sad and shocking he died not knowing what a success his books are and that his live-in love who has book 4 on her computer has been cut out of the royalties by his father and brother who treat her like some of the bad asses in the book treat Lisbeth!

I have a YouTube series on the book and movie but here is just one!  The rest you can look up in YouTubeland.  Thanks for tuning in.


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