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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bob Sheppard dies & Margarita Fuentes survives by Suzannah B. Troy

Bob Sheppard the voice of Yankee Stadium has died at age 99.   I could never write about him the way a professional sports writer could so here is Bill Madden from The New York Daily News.

Also hard to conceive but here in NYC creepos - that is my term for creeps, mug Grannies and I wish there was a special punishment for people that hurt our most vulnerable New Yorkers.

Margarita Fuentes is 87 years old and she was out walking at 161 Street to get some rice and beans according to The New York Daily News when she was attacked my a monster.  He ripped her crucifix off and punched her in the eye.   The article in The New York Daily News is worth reading so check it out.  A very sweet photo of this little Great Grandmother and a true survivor.   Thank goodness she did not break any bones!

The police have apprehended the alleged cowardly thief attacker and believe it or not Margarita Fuentes feels sorry for his family!  Not for him but for the family.   She has many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She feels better knowing he has been arrested.

There have been too many attacks on seniors in NYC.  Very upsetting.

On a very cheerful note:  I hear a lot of joyful screams and they are New Yorkers celebrating Spain's victory over the Netherlands.   Spain wins the World Cup and New Yorkers are screaming with joy.

Happy to share the sounds of people  screaming and they are expressing joy!


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