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Saturday, May 1, 2010

St. Vincent's Shocker!!! post by Suzannah B. Troy

Above is Yetta Kurland who almost beat city council speaker Christine Quinn who like Mike Bloomberg barely won her seat back the way mayor Mike Bloomberg spent the most obscene amount of money ever in NYC history, close to 110 million dollars for the most humiliating win and tainted because the people of New Yorker were denied a referendum! Well Yetta Kurland, a Civil Rights lawyer and community activist is going strong and full out for the community as is she had won the city council seat and this short YouTube above gives you some insight in the fact St. Vincent's may be closing but it is not a closed case! This YouTube is called "St. Vincent's Shocker. A nurse gives an extremely moving and rousing speech. She calls for a revolution. She says you people need a revolution downtown. She conjurs up the 1960's!!!   This is a very rousing speech and I agree. We need to tell the politicians this is just not good enough!!!!
I think of Peter Finch in Network! "I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!"
The speaker speaks up about the concerns that nurses may not get their pensions, that some  nurses had checks that bounced and more shocking details that are red flags. Someone yells out Enron. Some now unemployed and tried to apply unemployment and were denied. The nurse calls out for a Federal Investigation. Please watch this you. Dr. David Kaufman explains why we need an emergency room and he points out too many people use the emergency room for non-emergencies. He doesn't mention that many people do so  because they have no health insurance. By the way St. Vincent's never turned anyone away according to what I was told. These YouTubes are deeply moving and I hope you will watch them. "The St. Vincent's Shocker" is a must see. Very shocking and I do hope a Federal Investigation does happen!  Even more I wish for a late in the 9th Inning miracle that the hospital is re-opened but for now it looks like a dead issue and I don't know what the people of the neighborhood will do! We need this hospital bailed out more than any bank!


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