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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lawrence Taylor denies sex do condoms lie? post Suzannah B. Troy

Lawrence Taylor is in deep trouble because in the State of New York it doesn't matter if he did not know the woman he had sex with was under age.   He says he did not have sex with the under age prostitute but just pleasured himself. 

This could all get down to a condom and lab results based on what investigators gathered from the hotel room. 

In the mean time a supposed friend of the underage prostitute says she is lying.  Some friend.  She lived with the pimp and underage prostitute and was in the car when the underage woman allegedly bragged about earning the money without having sex with the john aka Lawrence Taylor. Is this supposed "friend" who is basically calling the underage prostitute a liar telling the truth or doing damage control?   Is the friend the one lying?  If she is, did someone put her up to it and if so are the people involved in damage control doing this and are they being given some incentives? 

Maybe the answers to whether Lawrence Taylor is pulling a "Bill Clinton" as in I did not have sexual relations with that woman strategy,  are in the contents of the  condom.  The underage sex worker said she was worried about getting pregnant because of "condom trouble"....that is my term not hers and Lawrence Taylor, she claims reassured her she had nothing to worry about because he shoots blanks meaning he had a vasectomy.   If he does shoot blanks, how would she know that?  Why would that have come up in conversation?  She did not even know it was LT. It is understandable that a professional player might enjoy a promiscuous life style perhaps having sex with groupies that would follow the players from hotel to hotel would get a vasectomy because as I recall,  I saw an Oprah segment where it has been documented that women preying on these athletes go to extreme measures to get these guys' sperm and get inseminated one way or another without their consent to get pregnant and  have DNA proof for financial gain and connection to these pro-athletes. 

Lawrence Taylor might be right he was  set-up and so was the underage sex worker as well as beat up.  Now she is called a liar by a stripper slash friend.  Sounds like "the friend"  may has been motivated to come forward to save Lawrence Taylor because she is a fan or who knows for other reasons but it ultimately comes down to LT saving LT and he may be figuring out how to do that behind bars. Lawrence Taylor and his team have every motivation to do damage control. 

LT has already been hit with major financial fall-out and he does not want to go to jail so he has picked a "self loving" defense and witnesses  aka "friends" can say what they want but people following this story will have to wait for the evidence to speak and the contents in the latex are key.   There are, I am sure some men that put on a condom to pleasure themselves but  in theory if he is shooting blanks how did the underage sex worker know? The contents of the condom will tell the truth. A sympathetic jury may let him walk what ever the evidence and if that happens if LT doesn't get his act together he will get in more trouble yet again. Lawrence Taylor was blind sided by Lawrence Taylor.


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