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Friday, September 29, 2017

Donald Trump Was For American Flag Burning Before He Was POTUS And NFL Protests, Here's Proof

Donald Trump Was For American Flag Burning Before He Was POTUS And NFL Protests, Here's Proof - Video

Donald Trump Was For American Flag Burning Before His Election As POTUS And NFL Protest, Here's Proof As this is written, President Donald Trump has waged what the mainstream media describes as a 'culture war' against those who would protest against the National Anthem at NFL games, most notably NFL players. Trump has attacked NFL players to such a harsh degree that, last Friday, at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama, he referred to pro football athletes involved in taking a knee during the playing of the anthem as “sons of bitches”: his exact words. Those who consider themselves patriots started to verbally, and on social media, attack NFL players who were protesting not the flag in itself, but the horrible treatment and murder of black men and boys by police officers – in effect under the color of American law. Players like Colin Kaepernick and their supporters have reminded us that freedom of expression is part of what made America. To this point, you would think Donald Trump disagrees with them. A number of people, generally white and politically conservative, use Trump's words and name and say that the NFL players should not go against the President. Again, as if the President really disagrees with freedom of expression. Well, folks, here is proof that President Donald Trump is using and manipulating a group of Americans. On January 8th 2015, Trump was on David Letterman for an interview. In the many video copies of this full exchange, at about the 8:17 mark, Letterman goes into asking Trump what he thought about the attack on the staff of Charlie Hebdo Magazine in Paris. Trump said it was awful and then Letterman went into a rant about how American freedom of expression is in actions like, and he specifically said this, flag burning! Trump nodded his head in agreement and said “he's right” - and took no time to argue with or reject what Letterman was saying. In fact, Trump continued to nod in approval and then said “He's on fire, tonight.” President Trump is tricking and manipulating people in an effort to divide America and take our gaze off of the many problems his Administration has. It's time to stop being played for a fool, folks. Time to wake up.


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