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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mayor Mike Bloomberg sympathetic to Guiliani by Suzannah B. Troy

Does mayor Bloomberg have any sympathy for the people that he has helped developers like Columbia University and Bruce Rattner to mass displace? Thanks to Caroline for wearing an NYU shirt which conveyed the message to me that NYU has been stealing up our communities where ever NYU occupies property from Stuy Town that was meant to be affordable housing to the East Village which NYU mega dormed to death to the West Village, to South St. Seaport to Brooklyn.  Mike has not been exposed for pulling a Rudy in terms of having an affair with a subordinate at City Hall and giving his than mistress raises including a huge one when he dumped for his judi, far less attractive than Donna but both Rudy and Mike have robbed the tax payers of New York big time.

The NY Post exposed the mayor's administrative assistants "double dipping" a must read if you haven't read that article giving these gals over 200,000 each plus the post estimates Mike is costing or robbing tax payers 2 million for his campaign staff so I am sure he is sympathetic to everyone but the people who truly deserve it -- the people of NYC!  At least the city was in better shape under Rudy; now it's falling a part and looks like a bad xerox of Dubai.  When Cooper Union tried their shady unethical real estate deals under Rudy his city planner not a socialite like Amanda the peoples' Burden said no to Cooper Union, supersizing - busting through zoning and leasing for 99 years is a shell game.  For these guys and I am including Steve Rattner, Charlie Rangel, denial is the new crack cocaine.  Impeach Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn.

Oh and look at this  comment not by me -- I guess Bloomberg is trying to figure out more ways to make people unemployed like ticketing vendors and almost every body possible that is not rich!
08/05/2010 3:45 PM
Does Bloomberg have any Sympathy for the 2.2 Million People Unemployed in New York City...Just something 2 Think about

You see, NYU is the Bernie Maddoff of real estate.  NYU made off with our neighborhoods!


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