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Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 alarm fire East Village Houston Street by Suzannah B. Troy

I don't have a link yet to info re: fire.  Okay, I just found video footage on New York 1.  Actually this footage is from another 3 alarm fire today on 14th Street in the East Village.  Here a photo from the 3 alarm on Houston.

Just heart breaking and I hope everyone is safe especially fighting fire in this heat.

A lot of firemen died Sept. 11 from the houses in the area and pre-Sept. 11 Capt. Drennan and his guys died.  I remember all the flowers outside the firehouse and I joined in putting flowers out -- this was pre-9-11 and I left them for Bobby Beddia & Joseph Graffagino

Just saw footage on Channel 5 news and again I hope everyone is safe --- big NYPD turn out, one ambulance in the area ---

it is right next door to the hideous ugly "Red Square" built by developer Mike Red Square Rosen and they showed the Lenin statue on the roof--- a rich man, Mike Red Square Rosen's toy -- he kids himself that Lenin is waving at Wall Street but many of us think Lenin should be moved to his luxury duplex or triplex ---that the statue symbols what a big phony and hypocrite Rosen is.  Rosen considers himself a zoning expert and he has quite the views from the Christadora is a symbol of gentrification and The Red Square looks like a pro-type for all the mega dorms that have destroyed the East Village.  NY Law dorm on 3rd Street even has balaconies like Red Square.  Mike Red Square Rosen is a mini-Mike Bloomberg wannabe.

My maternal Grandfather was born down the street on Ludlow Street in a tenement house in to poverty.  It was the early 1900s and you could smell the poverty on the street.

Re-open our firehouses the mayor closed after 9-11.


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